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Vertool Detailing Trolley

Vertool Detailing Trolley

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The Vertool Detailing Trolley is the perfect accessory when detailing. It makes detailing more efficient by cutting down the number of trips you need to take back to your garage or van. It also enables you to store all the necessary equipment you need for the specific job on the trolley.

The multi-tiered workstation has plenty of room to accommodate your compounds, polishes, waxes, sealants, buffing pads, detailing brushes, microfibre cloths and even your polishing machine.

The Vertool Trolley is on wheels and can be easily manoeuvred as you move around the vehicle you’re working on. It allows you to store all the products you need and wheel it to the car, then once you’re finished detailing you can wheel it back to your garage. There’s no need to be going back and forth all day.

The Trolley comes with two removable storage bins which can be used and positioned as required. There is also an attachment and several hooks that allow you to hang your detailing brushes on the side of the trolley. In addition there are numerous bottle holders for your products.


-          Convenient detailing trolley

-          Manoeuvres with ease

-          Stores products, pads, cloths, brushes & more

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