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Lake Country Force 5.5

Lake Country Force 5.5

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Force hybrid foams are specifically engineered with small cells and dense, robust construction to maximize performance when used on a forced rotation machine polisher.

The Hybrid foams are specially engineered with small cells and dense construction to keep abrasives in the chemicals close to the surface of the pad. Benefits: Less Polish / Quicker Results – Faster correction time as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the foam. Pad Design – The buff backed design on the backside of the pad protects the backing plate from contact with the working surface, while maintaining consistent pressure across the pad.

Grey Heavy Cutting,
Orange Cutting,
White Polishing,
Black Finishing,
Red Waxing

Pad Size:  1-5/8", 2-3/8", 3-1/2", 5-1/2", 6-1/2"
Attachment Method:  Hook & Loop
Recommended Tools:  Forced Dual Action, Mini Polisher
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